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It's easy to dress with care and still have the look. Many regular shoe stores carry these alternatives - just check the tag and look for "All Man-made Materials" or similar. If you can't find a tag, take note of the brand and style and call the parent company. For a detailed list of brands with telephone numbers, click here.

Here's some details to look out for on product tags and where they come from:

  • Down/Feathers :: Geese and ducks.
  • Cashmere/Mohair :: Goat fur.
  • Angora :: Rabbit fur.
  • Broadtail/Karakul : Lamb skin.
  • Alpaca/Llama :: Alpaca/llama fur.
  • Felt :: Made with wool.
  • Wool :: Sheep fur.
  • Silk :: Silk worms.
  • Leather :: Cows, dogs and others.
  • Fur :: An assortment of soft animals.
  • "Faux" fur :: Sometimes from dogs/cats.
  • Pearls/Shells :: Oysters.

While there may not be alternatives to absolutely all of these, what's important is not sacrificing lives for fashion.

online shopping

There are also a number of strictly vegan clothing companies online that also fight against using animals for clothes.

herbivore clothing :: website :: facebook

This store sells shirts, accessories, bags and stickers, buttons and magnets to make a statement. They also have cookbooks and other information to help you even further on your journey.

alternative outfitters :: website :: facebook

This is a great site for the vegan fashionista. Plenty of faux leather clothing and shoes, purses, wallets and body care items. They even have shoes for children!


pangea: the vegan store :: website :: facebook

This site has just about everything. Clothing, cosmetics, shoes, food items, pet products... everything! It's all cruelty-free and they only sell items made in countries where workers are protected by labor laws.


vegan cuts :: website :: facebook

This site is run by a bunch of vegan sleuths that scour the internet finding cruelty-free items at the best prices. Clothing, beauty, food and lifestyle items. You can also sign up for monthly Beauty Boxes and Snack Boxes that send you small-sized items to try before you buy.

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